A revolution will take place in healthcare industry, where digitization and platforming will give rise to new world-class leaders

OP Financial expects to establish a capital network in the healthcare industry. Each network node is an active healthcare service provider, while the maximum number of people could be reached through it. This network could provide a huge cooperative platform for new healthcare service providers and create diversified investment opportunities.

OP Strategy

  • Taking advantage of listed companies' long-term capital, our investment focuses on industry leaders as long-term core holding companies
  • Leveraging our strengths in investment and financing, we establish various PE/VC funds and build add-on deals to invest in businesses surrounding the core holding companies, continue to enhance and improve ecological relationships

OP Belief

  • Life Science is undergoing rapid development and deep integration with information technology (IT), Big data, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet, and Internet of Things (IOT)
  • The digitization of the healthcare industry will enable everyone to enjoy new, convenient, and accurate healthcare services

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