OPIM Announces Strategic Investment in Fundseeder

Investment News 25 Sep 2017

(Hong Kong, Sep 25, 2017) OP Investment Management Ltd., (Hong Kong) (“OPIM”), a member of the Oriental Patron Financial Group, announced its strategic investment into Fundseeder Holdings, LLC (“Fundseeder”), an emerging financial software company located in Florida, United States.

OPIM is a leading hedge fund structuring and incubation platform based in Hong Kong. Winner of Hedge Fund Magazine’s “Asia Regulated Platform of the Year” award in 2016, the firm partners with Asian investment managers to build offshore hedge fund products, combining early stage track records with the firm’s institutional infrastructure and ecosystem. OPIM also works with established institutional investors, funds of funds, and family offices to evaluate undiscovered trading talent in the ever-expanding emerging manager space.

Founded by US financial industry experts Jack Schwager, Emanuel Balarie, and James Bibbings, FundSeeder has developed an analytical software to help traders track their performance among other things. The company’s software also will assist institutional investors in connecting with undiscovered trading talent.

As of the date of this writing, Fundseeder has 8,000+ registered users and counting on its platform. Perhaps more exciting is that roughly half of these users have elected to sign up for the company’s daily verification option. This means that users are actively choosing to link their brokerage accounts directly with FundSeeder to showcase trading skill with actual capital in real markets.

Jack Schwager, one of the firm’s founders, is also author of the best-selling and award-winning book series, “Market Wizards”. Within his books Schwager interviews some of the greatest trading and investor minds in the world. Jack’s books have inspired several generations of traders to pursue their careers in fund management. When asked about his vision at FundSeeder Schwager said: “Fundseeder was designed to further the Market Wizard’s thesis by helping traders take an introspective look at their investment process, as well as their trading and portfolio construction skills. With the right kind of feedback and determination I believe it’s possible that nearly anyone can become a better fund investor or trader”.

Emanuel, CEO of Fundseeder, opined, “We’re thrilled to be working with like-minded partners who share our vision of a democratized trading industry. OPIM’s leadership in Asia means we can accelerate our growth in the most important market in finance today.”

CEO of OPIM, Alvin Fan, shared the firm’s strategic view, “Fundseeder’s analytics technology bridges a fundamental gap in our industry, it provides real-time performance feedback for traders and will provide trusted analytics for investors. This traditionally requires expensive tools, which prices out anyone who lacks either the pedigree or financial resources allowing only the elite few access to the top. Is the industry really saying there’s no investment or trading talent available from the 99.8%? Our experience tells us that, in fact, anyone can be a great money manager, no matter where you’re from, what your financial background, or pedigree”.

Addressing the importance of emerging managers in Asia, Fan added, “OPIM’s mission has always been to find undiscovered talent in Asia. Our partnership with FundSeeder will help us with this search here in Hong Kong, China, and globally”.